Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tea Party Dress Times 2

Pattern Review is running an interesting contest this month. Its the one pattern many (or at least two) looks contest.  I've actually manged to put together two entries both of which are things I needed to make this month anyways so I'm quite pleased.

For my first entry I did two versions of the Oliver + S tea party sundress. One as a birthday present for our friend Ella and one as a fancy dress for Emily. Both dresses are a 3T.

Ella is Abby's little sister so I used the scraps from Abby's dress to make this one. I could not find buttons that matched so I made fabric covered ones. I used a tiny piece of pink and white check trim to highlight the curved bodice. The skirt is made from coordinating fabrics to show off the style.   I also added a contrasting ruffle to the bottom because their mama likes the boutique look.
Emily's dress started with a trip the Goodwill where she found a prom dress only a little girl could love.  Or maybe a teenager but not a full grown mama.  I thought about trying to size it down but decided I wanted something more little girl appropriate.

Her version is underlined and lined with periwinkle batiste.   The front and back seams are highlighted with sequin trim.
The buttons are clear plastic shaped like emerald cut diamonds with silver glitter in the middle.  Possibly only buttons a little girl can pull off but they add just a touch more sparkle.
Here is the obligatory twirl shot from a very pleased Emily who wanted to go back inside being as it was over 100 degrees here today.
I hope you like both versions.  This really is a great pattern and I hear its being discontinued so if you like it you may want to pick it up soon.

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