Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tiny Tailfeather

Truth be told I was hoping that this weeks Sew Weekly challenge would be something that I didn't really care to do since I was out of town most of the week. No such luck. This week's challenge is to sew something inspired by your favorite American designer. While I would have a hard time listing say ten American designers I have not trouble naming my favorite. Betsey Johnson hands down is my favorite designer in the whole entire world. I've never actually owned or even tried on anything from  any of her lines but I love her work just the same.

When we got back Thursday night I started looking at the summer ready to wear line and decided to make an homage to the tail-feather dress for Emily. I made myself a dress as well with this skirt in mind because Emily has been saying that we need matching dresses lately.  Actually that we want matching dresses which makes me laugh because this part of the we could do without them but oh well she is thrilled.  Trust me when I tell you my dress looks better in person then in pictures or at least I think it does.

So here we are standing in the back yard,
looking at each other,
checking out my ruffles,                                     (she thought I needed bottom ruffles too)

shaking Emily's tail-feathers,
and then she was done.
Hope you like them. Emily's dress started out as a mamu Sabrina but is pretty heavily modified because the straps were just too wonky out of a knit. I do not recommend that pattern by the way.  My dress is the tank top from Otto 2/07 lengthened.  Hopefully it will be one of my two looks for the one pattern many looks contest on pattern review.   The fabric is a heavier rib knit from Chez Ami that is baby pink with white stripes.   I wish I had more time this week but these were fun just the same. 


  1. The "tail" ruffles are cute ... I bet she just loves those!

  2. So cute, love the "then she was done" pic.

  3. First of all, I definitely loved these! And I love Betsey Johnson soooooo much too. I did my share of copying her dresses back in the 80s. and then a few years ago, I took India to her shop in San Fransisco and let her try on dresses and took pics. It was love!
    But Stephanie, I totally think you should have put but ruffles on your dress too! heehee!!! But really your dress is really cute and very wearable. Happy dresses!