Monday, August 29, 2011

That 70s Shirt

Forgive me we are still adjusting a bit to being back from vacation. Add to that Elijah went back to school this week and Emily caught a stomach bug. Oh well, all is well now. The Sew Weekly theme last week was 1970s. I actually went on a bit of a vintage pattern buying spree this summer making the the proud owner of several 1970s patterns. Funny thing is if you asked me point blank if I like 1970s fashion I would tell you no but I seem to be drawn to the sewing patterns. I think being able to make them out of whatever fabric I want makes me appreciate the styles more.

I just did a simple striped shirt this week though.

I like the neck line of this pattern and the fit though I did add a little to the sides since it wasn't quite my size.
Plus I'm trying to start thinking about fall and winter sewing though its a bit hard to get inspired for that when is still so hot here.
Hope you like it.  I've got a few more things in the works so I should be getting back into the grove soon.  I also traced a bunch of fall/winter patterns for the kids which is the first step to an adorable wardrobe.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Gold Dress

We were on a Western Carrabien cruise on the Carnival Legend last week.  Oh we had such a good time and are having a bit of a hard time adjusting to being back from vacation.  I have the laundry done and mostly put away but the whole making dinner and dealing with real life thing is a little rough.  For my kids the not getting to do new and amazing things every day thing has been rough.

I made myself two new dresses to wear on the trip.  This is the second one but the first pictures to be edited.  The pattern is Simplicity 3503 and the fabric is some poly jersey with gold flecks from  I originally got the fabric to make another version of Vogue 1250 but when it arrived it was see through.  I ended up lining it with some super cheap stuff from Joanns.  I also decided that while I love the Vogue dress I'm still not super comfy with the way it drapes over my tum.  So I went with this pattern instead.  This is my first crack at it but its one over pattern reviews Best Patterns of 2009 so there were lots of tips. 

I made a 14 all over with extra length in the bodice.  I think I may get it again next time there is a sale and do a 12 in the shoulders.  I may not though I can't quite decide.  One way or anther I love this dress.
We took these pictures the last night on the boat and it was really windy.  Emily had her fancy dress on too and wanted to get in on the action. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Minnie Puzzle

I'm back!  We were on vacation and I ended up not having internet.  I'll tell you about it later and show some of the outfits I made for it but in the mean time here is the post I wrote before we left planning to put up while we were gone.

Why would anyone buy a pattern that has the phrase puzzle me in the title? The answer of course is because its a really really cute pattern. At least that is what brought me around on the Mamu Emily Puzzle Me.  Now if you've dealt with this particular pattern company before you may well share my opinion that all of their patterns should include the phrase puzzle me as the directions are  a bit lacking.
That said this one actually wasn't so bad.  The pattern has a bunch of pieces that can be put together in different ways to make a romper, jumper, skirt, or pair of shorts.  The directions are still not great but the pieces are pretty straight forward once you wrap you head around what you are making.  I'll try to take some pictures of the process next time just the same.

I just love the ruffle back of this.  It was also a nice pattern because it has a good number of small pieces.  I made this romper out of the leftover fabric from the Minnie Feliz that I made Emily before our Disney trip.  Both dresses have the same smocked Minnie insert.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Guess What!

I'm the random drawing winner of the One Pattern Many Looks contest on pattern review. I know that technically that just means I got lucky but I'm still pretty excited plus you can't win if you don't enter and I got up the nerve to enter twice. The lady who won made several lovely dress and one lady made 6 different versions of a Jalie top pattern at least one of which I want to copy. I love the lace one.

I made two versions of the Oliver and S tea party dress. See the original post here.

I also made one before the contest using the scraps from my Easter dress.

Hopefully I'll get an actual new post up soon. Neil things someone was spamming from our address causing yahoo to flag our account. In the mean time I'll have to figure out getting the cute little contest graphic up on my side bar. Oh an don't think you've seen the last of this pattern I'm hoping to do a cute cord one for winter.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Planning for Fall

I can't seem to get onto flickr today.  Hopefully I'll get that figured out by tomorrow but in the meant time I thought I'd spend some time musing about fall sewing.  I have some lofty goals including making myself some jeans.  I'd also like to do some pictures of the process from some otto sewing.  I've never really been one to successfully make a cohesive collection of pieces for a season and I don't think this will be my breakthrough year.  Mostly I want to use fabric that I have on hand for Emily so we will be seeing lots of pink some with brown and some with black.  I also want to make some pants and jeans for Elijah.  He is so tall and skinny it would just be better and since I learned to do a fly front this summer there really is no excuse anymore.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Free Tee

The kids went to Y camp last week. They had a great time and were each given a camp tee shirt. Now for Elijah that in and of itself was great but Emily does not wear tee shirts. Well technically she just doesn't wear shorts but that means we either turn tees into dresses or make skirts to go with them. I decided to up-cycle this one into a dress.

I took this picture to show you how I made the dress a bit less boxy. I used the Fabermax Olivia pattern but any curved tee or dress pattern would work just fine. I just used it to curve the side a bit then cut the shirt off at the bottom of the curve.

I'm not sure when my baby got so big but the skirt part took every inch of a half yard of fabric. The ruffle is accented with red and yellow ric-rac both from my stash and the skirt is just quilters cotton.

It was easy to make. The skirt is one width of fabric and the ruffle is two. I sewed it all in the flat then sewed the side seam and gathered it to the top.
Hope you like it. I meant to do a tutorial but got a little too wrapped up in the creative process and forgot to take pictures. I've been in a bit of a sewing slump the past few weeks. Its been so hot here and gets hot in my sewing room. I'm hoping to get going on some fall sewing soon. I've also been doing some knitting which is exciting because I haven't really knitted anything since I was pregnant with Emily.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sewing the Needful

Last week Peter over on Male Pattern Boldness posted a question to his readers with blogs. He asked if we ever find ourselves sewing just for our blog. Now mind you his blog has 1199 followers and who knows how many readers so its just a titch larger then mine. I still had to respond with though with a resounding no. Don't get me wrong I love that your here, I think all 30 of my followers are great, and I wouldn't blog if I didn't want to share my thoughts and sewing but for the most part I just sew what I want to make. I also had to laugh because not only do I not sew just for my blog but I have trouble motivating myself to sew the slightly less exciting things that we actually need. So that is where the title of this post comes from. My children need sun hats before we visit the beach again. Yes I know that its August and the probably should have had them in June or well really April in these parts but I just got around to them last week. Hats just don't excite me after all. Nor do they excite either of my children as you can likely tell from the pictures.

I used the reversible bucket hat pattern from Little Things to Sew.  I do like this little pattern though mine are not really reversible as I have yet to find a way to do the very last step without causing one side to look better then the other.  No problem here though as both of these were designed to have a plain outside with a fun lining.  The outer of both hats is khaki weavers clothe and both are lined with printed quilters cotton.
Emily's hat is a size medium though I sort of wish I'd made a large since she has been into piggy tales lately.  Her's is lined with pink kids dancing fabric that I bought at and end of bolt sale a few years ago.
Elijah at 8 is already too big for the largest size. I'm really glad I measured his head before starting. I ended up tracing the largest size and then sizing it up but matching those lines up the the medium and tracing again. His hat is lined with Scooby Doo fabric.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Mommies Little Helper

Not like the Stones song. Emily has been helping me lately by handing me pins. She insists on only using the ones with pink or purple pearly heads. It is nice to have someone hand you a pin every time you hold out your hand though. I'm looking forward to the day I can teach her to sew.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

View Finder Bag

Is anyone else out there totally loving pinterest. I sure am. I love seeing what others have pinned and I love having a record of all the tutorials and projects that I'm interested in trying. Only problem is it also gives me a record of how many projects I've thought of and not gotten around to. So with that in mind I've decided to add trying out pins to my blog. Here is the first. Its a view finder bag made from this tutorial.
I haven't gotten around to buying the viewfinder yet because its for Emily's birthday which isn't until October.  I did it this month because the sewing mama's challenge for July was to make a bag.
I ordered the fabric from Girl Charlie.  The body part only takes one fat quarter so its not such a big deal to get pricey fabric. Its even on sale at the moment so if you want some I'd pounce on it.  The lining is leftover fabric from this dress.
The tutorial was pretty good.  I ended up re cutting the lining piece to be the exact size of the body and I used fleece instead of quilt batting because I has a scrap of fleece on hand. 

There you have it.  One pin down and an always growing list to go.  I'll keep you posted.  If you want to follow me on pinterest there is a button on the right that links you to me.