Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Free Tee

The kids went to Y camp last week. They had a great time and were each given a camp tee shirt. Now for Elijah that in and of itself was great but Emily does not wear tee shirts. Well technically she just doesn't wear shorts but that means we either turn tees into dresses or make skirts to go with them. I decided to up-cycle this one into a dress.

I took this picture to show you how I made the dress a bit less boxy. I used the Fabermax Olivia pattern but any curved tee or dress pattern would work just fine. I just used it to curve the side a bit then cut the shirt off at the bottom of the curve.

I'm not sure when my baby got so big but the skirt part took every inch of a half yard of fabric. The ruffle is accented with red and yellow ric-rac both from my stash and the skirt is just quilters cotton.

It was easy to make. The skirt is one width of fabric and the ruffle is two. I sewed it all in the flat then sewed the side seam and gathered it to the top.
Hope you like it. I meant to do a tutorial but got a little too wrapped up in the creative process and forgot to take pictures. I've been in a bit of a sewing slump the past few weeks. Its been so hot here and gets hot in my sewing room. I'm hoping to get going on some fall sewing soon. I've also been doing some knitting which is exciting because I haven't really knitted anything since I was pregnant with Emily.

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