Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Gold Dress

We were on a Western Carrabien cruise on the Carnival Legend last week.  Oh we had such a good time and are having a bit of a hard time adjusting to being back from vacation.  I have the laundry done and mostly put away but the whole making dinner and dealing with real life thing is a little rough.  For my kids the not getting to do new and amazing things every day thing has been rough.

I made myself two new dresses to wear on the trip.  This is the second one but the first pictures to be edited.  The pattern is Simplicity 3503 and the fabric is some poly jersey with gold flecks from fabric.com.  I originally got the fabric to make another version of Vogue 1250 but when it arrived it was see through.  I ended up lining it with some super cheap stuff from Joanns.  I also decided that while I love the Vogue dress I'm still not super comfy with the way it drapes over my tum.  So I went with this pattern instead.  This is my first crack at it but its one over pattern reviews Best Patterns of 2009 so there were lots of tips. 

I made a 14 all over with extra length in the bodice.  I think I may get it again next time there is a sale and do a 12 in the shoulders.  I may not though I can't quite decide.  One way or anther I love this dress.
We took these pictures the last night on the boat and it was really windy.  Emily had her fancy dress on too and wanted to get in on the action. 

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