Thursday, August 11, 2011

Planning for Fall

I can't seem to get onto flickr today.  Hopefully I'll get that figured out by tomorrow but in the meant time I thought I'd spend some time musing about fall sewing.  I have some lofty goals including making myself some jeans.  I'd also like to do some pictures of the process from some otto sewing.  I've never really been one to successfully make a cohesive collection of pieces for a season and I don't think this will be my breakthrough year.  Mostly I want to use fabric that I have on hand for Emily so we will be seeing lots of pink some with brown and some with black.  I also want to make some pants and jeans for Elijah.  He is so tall and skinny it would just be better and since I learned to do a fly front this summer there really is no excuse anymore.

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