Monday, August 29, 2011

That 70s Shirt

Forgive me we are still adjusting a bit to being back from vacation. Add to that Elijah went back to school this week and Emily caught a stomach bug. Oh well, all is well now. The Sew Weekly theme last week was 1970s. I actually went on a bit of a vintage pattern buying spree this summer making the the proud owner of several 1970s patterns. Funny thing is if you asked me point blank if I like 1970s fashion I would tell you no but I seem to be drawn to the sewing patterns. I think being able to make them out of whatever fabric I want makes me appreciate the styles more.

I just did a simple striped shirt this week though.

I like the neck line of this pattern and the fit though I did add a little to the sides since it wasn't quite my size.
Plus I'm trying to start thinking about fall and winter sewing though its a bit hard to get inspired for that when is still so hot here.
Hope you like it.  I've got a few more things in the works so I should be getting back into the grove soon.  I also traced a bunch of fall/winter patterns for the kids which is the first step to an adorable wardrobe.

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