Tuesday, August 2, 2011

View Finder Bag

Is anyone else out there totally loving pinterest. I sure am. I love seeing what others have pinned and I love having a record of all the tutorials and projects that I'm interested in trying. Only problem is it also gives me a record of how many projects I've thought of and not gotten around to. So with that in mind I've decided to add trying out pins to my blog. Here is the first. Its a view finder bag made from this tutorial.
I haven't gotten around to buying the viewfinder yet because its for Emily's birthday which isn't until October.  I did it this month because the sewing mama's challenge for July was to make a bag.
I ordered the fabric from Girl Charlie.  The body part only takes one fat quarter so its not such a big deal to get pricey fabric. Its even on sale at the moment so if you want some I'd pounce on it.  The lining is leftover fabric from this dress.
The tutorial was pretty good.  I ended up re cutting the lining piece to be the exact size of the body and I used fleece instead of quilt batting because I has a scrap of fleece on hand. 

There you have it.  One pin down and an always growing list to go.  I'll keep you posted.  If you want to follow me on pinterest there is a button on the right that links you to me. 

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