Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back to School

I've gotten a bit behind on my posting lately but Emily went back to school last week and of course she needed a new dress. I actually had a back tie bow dress all planned out when I went to parents night and found out that she is in the apple class this year. I was really tempted to just buy this dress but lately everyone assumes that I make all of Emily's clothes and I guess I wanted to keep the streak alive.

I found a scrap of partially eaten apple fabric in my stash.  I remember my mom buying it at Walmart back in the day.  She is a school teacher and had planned to make a shirt but never quite go to it.  We all know how that goes right?  Anyways its salvage claims that its Joe Boxer fabric from 1991.  I only has a bit left though because I used most of it for teacher gifts a few years ago.
My original plan was to make a back tie bow dress but I did not have enough of either fabric.  The red is left from this dress.  I know I could have just gone out to buy some but I'm trying to be better about sewing from my stash.  Since I was in the process of sewing this dress I had my trusty Tea Party Dress pattern sitting out and I realized that I almost had enough fabric to piece one more of these little jumper dresses together.  I just had to cut the back panel in two pieces.
At this point I really can't say much more about the pattern.  I promise this is the last one of these for a while but I'm sure there will be more at some point in the future. 

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  1. the apple dress. Emily looks so sweet.