Thursday, September 1, 2011

Butterfly Bubble

About 2 months ago I discovered that my Barnes and Noble carries Burda Style magazine. Talk about a great spontaneous purchase. Its so nice because I can sit down and look at all the pretty glossy magazine pictures before I decide that I simply must have it as I will no doubt make every single crazy more fashion forward then I will ever be item. While that hasn't quite happened this dress if my very first Burda Style pattern. Its the Twisted bubble dress from 06/2011 and it is also available online.
Being my first experience with this magazine I was not prepaired for how hard the tracing would be. I trace Ottos all the time but these sheets are not as nice and it was headache inducing. You also can't tell from looking at the dress but the lining is fitted and has I think six different pieces. That part actually took some fitting but all the seams run from top to bottom so it was easy to take a little out here and there.
How were the directions you ask? Well, someone really needs to figure out a good way to add laugh tracks to blogs. I tried to attach the two parts together following their directions three times and it did not go well.  Finally, I decided that the under dress was so much shorter then the outer that the seam could just be on the outside. So I just pinned them how I wanted them then sewed the two together finished the seam and got on with my life.  It looked cute just the same and you couldn't see the seam.
I bought all the fabric for this dress at JoAnns. The outer is sort of see through and the inner is super cheap knit. I didn't want to spend too much since I knew it would not become a wardrobe staple. I felt really pretty in it on the cruise ship even though it tried to ride down a bit so I would not wear it without a good strapless bra. I can't wear anything without a good bra though so that doesn't matter so much to me. I won't be wearing it again though. Emily loves the butterfly fabric so I'm saving this dress and the scraps to make her a pretty dress out of next summer.

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