Monday, September 5, 2011


I may have a slight addiction problem regarding the Oliver and S Tea Party dress. I've got one more cut and started but after that I promise to step away from the cute little jumper pattern for a bit.

This past week the Sew Weekly Challenge was plaid. I do not like sewing plaid fabrics. As a result I had a grand total of 2 pieces of plaid fabric in my stash one of which was a scrap.  My initial plan was to skip this week but then Emily found a scrap of gray and pink Haloween fabric that I made a skirt out of last year. It wasn't enough for anything by itself yet by some miricle it matched this pink and gray plaid scrap perfectly.
Of course I grabbed the tea party dress pattern again because I was going to have to squeeze the dress out of a small amount of fabric. Plus the weather around her can be unpredictable in October so jumpers are a great option since they can go with long or short sleeves.
I cut the top part on the bias and did my very best to match the plaid down the sides.
I'm really like how this one came out. Hope you do too.
Just one more till spring I promise.


  1. What a lovely dress!
    I have the same pattern traced in size 6-12 months and i can wait to use it again. Lina is already 5 months so it will be soon. ^_^

  2. I love how this little dress came out! Very cute.

  3. I love this dress, it is so cute and the fabrics match each other so well.