Monday, September 19, 2011

Sassy Tink

When Emily was tiny I was a little or maybe a lot obsessed with Tinkerbell fabric. My plan was to make her a Tinkerbell outfit every season. That has not quite happened but the goal caused me to simply have to buy a yard of this fabric when she was a baby. When it came though the scale was a little big for someone so little and I could not decide how I felt about the fact that it said sassy all over it. Fast forward to an almost 4yo Emily and I think it is both perfectly appropriate and an accurate discription.
I picked up the pink on pink stripe fabric at my first ever Chez Ami sale and am truly glad to be done with it. You see fabric at their outlet comes in 3 yard cuts and while most of it is lovely this stuff curles horribly and doesn't stretch so much. It did match the Tink fabric well though and after using it in several projects its all gone and now that I know more about knits I'm a lot more careful about what I buy.
The skirt is from a free tutorial on Lil Blue Boo.  I love it so much I've made it twice.  Its great too bc it looks fussy but really isn't hard to put together.  The shirt is design 19 from otto 6/2010.  I changed it up a bit though bc I did not want ties on the sides so I made a little casing and sewed in the elastic before hemming the shirt.  I also did a 98 width with a 104 length.  The only down side is that the neck is pretty small.  I actually had to take it off and put a bigger one on after taking the pictures.
I think this is a great little bit bigger girl outfit. I'm just having to adjust to Emily being a little bit bigger girl.

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