Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scrappy Boy Shirt

Its no secret that I sew more for myself and my daughter then I do my son but I still want to sew for him. Most of the time he also really appreciates it when I make him things. Lately I haven't exactly been batting a thousand though. I made this shirt to test out the fit and look of the Literature T-shirt from otto 4-2011. I had him try it on when it was almost finished and he asked if it was a pajamie top. I don't think it looks like one finished but we shall see if he wears it. I do like the fit though and have another version all ready to be worn.

At least he had a good time taking the modeling shots.

All the fabric is leftover from this that and the other.  Both of the blue fabrics are really soft which I think is why he thought it was a pj top. 

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