Monday, September 26, 2011

Shoe Love

I haven't done many tutorials on my blog and if I'm continuing to be honest with you I have to say that I probably won't be doing a huge number in the future.  The truth if I have way too many patterns so most of the time it makes more sense for me to dig thought my patterns till I find what I want then it does to make it up myself.  I do have a cute and easy little upcycle for you today though.

I don't buy much clothing for Emily anymore.  I sew too much for clothing shopping to be important and we get hand me downs as well.  I have a bit of a weakness for the cute little embroidered Gymboree shirts though.  I found this one at the end of season sale last year.  It says "Shoe love is true love," which is funny for Emily bc she likes trying on shoes but not wearing them.  Its a 4t so it fit her around but would have been a belly shirt by the end of winter. In short it needed to become a dress. 

I started by laying a jumper that I knew fit her well over the shirt to see about where I wanted to cut.
Then I used the bottom part of the shirt as a pattern for the waist band.  I added 0.5in seam allowances to all sides though I ended up cutting off the top and bottom ones bc that made the band seem a bit too wide for my taste.
I had some pink ruffle fabric on hand for the skirt.  I don't love sewing this stuff so I cut one piece the skirt length I wanted and the full fabric width.  Rather then measure I just use the ruffles as a guide on this stuff.  I also baste the ruffles down on the sides before sewing seams. 

Then I sewed the band together...

and to the bottom of the shirt.

Matching the ruffle fabric is a lot like matching stripes that's part of why I only did one side seam.  Trust me you really can't tell when the dress is in motion which it pretty much always is on Emily.  Then I gathered the top and sewed it to the band at the bottom of the shirt.  Its not perfect but Emily loves it and I think it was a good use for the fabric.  Be warned though this stuff picks really easily so things made of ruffle fabric will not look new for long.  They will be cute but if little runs and picks are going to bother you give this stuff a pass.

Emily likes this one a lot.  Hope you do to.  I also wanted to add that while I haven't been doing a lot of in the process pictures and tutorials lately if there is something you'd like to see let me know and I'll see what I can do.  I'm always open to requests its just easier to put in the effort if I know someone is going to be looking at the results.

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