Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Costume or well Hat

Usually I don't bother to dress up for Halloween. Its not that I don't like the idea of say a gorgeous steam punk or period costume. I just rarely feel like investing the money and effort into creating one for myself when I would have no wear special to wear it. Forgive me but I hand out candy in my scull pj pants and big over sized sweat shirt. Sorry neighbors like they say in Pinkalicious, "You get what you get and you don't get upset." Back to the point now. This year I saw the most adorable little hat tutorials on the Project Run and Play site and just had to give on a go. After reading her post more closely I realized that they were intended for children and the adult had only modeled them bc that was easier the chasing down a little girl at that particular moment, but I ran with it just the same.
So here you have it.  My cute little tie on witches hat.  Made almost entirely with a glue gun.  Boy on boy had I forgotten how fast a good glue gun project can be.  The only sewing I had to do was for the spiders.  They are these weird gummy things and they will not stick to hot glue or permanent double stick tape.   I think its pretty cute.  I wore it to trick or treat at my husbands office for a while but it kept getting stuck in the cobweb so I took it off.  Perhaps I'll wear it with my super cute pjs on Monday night.
What do you think?  You totally still have time to make your very own.  Maybe I'll be a pumpkin next year.  That one would be less likely to get stuck in things.  On the other hand perhaps next year will be the year I make a big fancy costume.    I'm sure the Sew Weekly ladies would appreciate that even if I didn't have a big party to attend.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Pink AP Skirt

Generally speaking I'm not a big fashion/style blog reader. That said I'm a big fan of Already Pretty which in a style, body image, and then some blog written by a lovely lady named Sally who has a lovely pink Anthro skirt that I've liked since the first time I saw it. Sadly, it was from a few years ago or I likely would have just jumped on their website and ordered myself one. You see while I love to sew I'm also a fan of shopping and am more then willing to just buy something if what I really love already exists. Well already exists and fits well but that my friends is a whole nother can of worms.

I did not want to attempt a direct copy instead I went for more of an inspired by look. There are also quite a few internet tutorials for ruffled knit skirts and I looked at quite a few. I ended up making my skirt base using this tutorial but liked the way this skirt had the fabric layered rather then gathered. I used light pink cotton lycra as the base, cream 5in lace as the well lace, and two different pink knit fabrics for the layers. I marked the skirt for the layers every 3 inches and cut the fabric strips 4 inches long. I liked the slightly rough look of the original so I started each layer in a random spot and sewed them on with a zig-zag stitch till the end overlapped the beginning by a few inches. I'm pretty pleased with the final result though its a bit out of my comfort zone.
I'm also having a bit of trouble figuring out what to wear with it. The shirt above is from Old Navy and I liked it in the store but feel like it makes me look a little to lumpy in the middle. I also got a cream sweater that I'm liking it with. We'll see hopefully I'll figure it out. Though suggestions are always welcome. I should probably also work on getting a knit shirt pattern altered to fit just right. Lets just add that to the ever growing list of projects.

Oh just FYI I'm also going to enter this in the pattern review pink contest. If your a member there regardless of who you vote for you really should check out the entries. There are some incredibly talented ladies over there.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Let me begin this post with a nice dose of blogging honesty. Halloween is not my favorite holiday and I don't love making costumes. Last year I bought both kids costumes at Target and was perfectly fine with that. I decided to make three this year though. Mostly bc the kids wanted to be things that were not easily accessible at my local Target. So this post could be called Haloween 1 of 3.

Elijah decided he wanted to be Sonic the Hedge Hog. He actually decided this summer and I was hoping he would change his mind but he held firm so I formulated a plan. I decided to base it of the hoodie pattern that I made his frog hoodie from. Truth be told though if I had it to do again I would use a zip up the front pattern as its a bit hard to get on and off. I did take some pictures of the process for you though if you'd like to make one for the little hedgehog in your life.

First, I added a bit more of a point to the hood to mimic the blue on Sonic's face.
Next, I traced the back of the hood curve and drew my spikes.
Then I cut everything out which you do not need a picture of but here are the spikes all sewn and stuffed.  I decided to top stitch before stuffing so the would look a bit pointier.

The middle spikes went in the back seam of the hood.  The other two sets are just sewn to the outside.  Thankfully fleece does not fray so the exposed edge didn't matter all that much.
Just thought you'd like to see what it looked like while I was sewing it together. 

I cut the back piece as two pieces instead of on the fold so I could add these other two spike like things we saw in the pictures.  They are not stuffed just topstitched.
The hood is lined with old tee shirt fabric.  This is a picture of me sewing the hood to the body of the hoodie. 
Here's another model shot.  The cream belly was just sewn on to the front.  I also added a seam to the sleeve so that he could have cream arms and blue shoulders. 

Running at Sonic speed.
Here he is from the back so you can get a full view of the hood.  He is pleased and I like how it came out.  I will warn you that while none of this is particularly difficult some of the construction is challenging just because of bulk.

Monday, October 24, 2011

PB and J nightie

I promise I will be doing some more sewing for myself in short order. I've got one skirt cut and three more things down stairs today to get started during nap time. Well hopefully get started if I get all my laundry folded first. Ahh the glamorous life I lead. Back to the point. This weeks Sew Weekly challenge was sleepwear. Part of me wanted to break out my Kwik Sew nightie pattern but instead I decided to finish this nightie that I started months ago for Emily. What happened was I started it then got out her fall/winter clothes and realized she had plenty already. This one was too cute to leave half finished for all time though.

This is actually made from the same pattern and in the same size as the first garment I showed on this blog.  It fits a bit better this year as do the two I made last year.  These are also a great way to do just a little bit of smocking.  I can usually knock these out in a few days bc only the front gets smocked.
Its made out of some adorable peanut butter and jelly print flannel and the smocking is done in purple.  I think you'll have to take my word for it with the smocking though as it doesn't really show up.  It wasn't a special pattern anyways just a bunch of basic stitches worked together.  I guess that's really all smocking ever is though.  I promise you its not hard and goes so much faster then things like cross stitching.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Almost Annie Dress

Last weeks Sew Weekly challenge was musicals. Could be Broadway or movie it just had to be a musical. Probably even High School Musical would have counted but I digress. Anyways, my plan was to skip it and get on with some of the projects that I have waiting to be completed but then Emily and I watched Annie.

I didn't even start on this dress until Saturday because I didn't have the right fabric and was waiting for the 15th so I could get 15% off at my local shop. Then it took the better part of a week for me to finish. To be clear its not that it was particularly hard I just had a particularly busy week. It also called for a good bit of handwork which I enjoy doing but takes a while just the same.
The pattern is the pdf version of the Oliver and S Sandbox dress. I choose it because I wanted a dress that Emily would  identify as an Annie dress but that did not look like she was wearing a Halloween costume. I think this one fit the bill well. I switched out the short sleeve with a 3/4 length otto sleeve. Size wise I made a 3 with the length of a 4 but truth be told should have added more length. She is just all legs these days. I also added one more button in the back to add a bit of coverage for the days she sneaks out without tights.  I adore the the pattern though and am sure there will be more to come.  It just looks like a little girl dress to me and not a tiny tweeny bopper dress.
The fabric is a nice deep red corduroy accented with white broad clothe and piping. The buttons down the back are just cheap plastic ones.
Hope you like it. She is pleased despite looking exhausted in some of the pictures. After waiting all week for me to finish she saw that it was done right after we got back from the fair yesterday and insisted on changing. She also wore it to church today so I'd say its going to be a favorite.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hearts and Dots

Its funny in a way.  As whiny as I was about all the detail work I had to do on the last skirt I added extra to this one.  This was the kind I enjoy more though.  I just kept deciding that it needed a little more ribbon here and there.  So this actually ended up taking me a while.  I think it was worth the effort though.  Perhaps I should have called this post "the worth the effort skirt."
I also think this style is more appropriate for her at this age.  The only real change I made was leaving off the draw string.  She prefers elastic waists and I certainly didn't want to try to keep one tied.
The brown with pink dots fabric was given to me by a friend who was downsizing.  Stay tuned there is more of that to come this season.  The pink with brown dots is from the quilting cotton wall at Joanns.  I also used pink ribbon, brown ric-rac, and pink ric-rac.   Oh and I nearly forgot the pattern is design 19 from otto 1/2009.  I bought it as a back issue because I simply had to make this skirt.  Thankfully, it has lots of other cute designs in it as well.
My favorite part of this outfit has to be the little heart pockets. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tweet Tweet

Honestly, I nearly called this post the "not worth the hassle skirt". Its not that I don't think its a cute skirt because I do but it was a good bit of work for a little fluffy skirt. You see this think has front pockets, shaped back pockets, a real fly, and a real waist band. It is design 18 the Indigo denim skirt from Ottobre 1/2011. I did not do the double ruffle though because my I did not have enough fabric.

I also had to add adjustable elastic to the waist since Emily is still so skinny.
The fabric is from Joanns last season.  It has birds, hearts, and peace signs all over it.  Its their slightly heavier weight juvanile fabric.
I do like it and I'm sure she will wear it this winter but I doubt I will make it again any time soon. Its just too close to design 15 which I can whip up start to finish in about an hour. Maybe when she is big enough to appreciat all the extra detail work but not until then.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Red Eyed Tree Frog

Elijah loves frogs. Particularly red eyed tree frogs. I have no idea why?  I've asked and all he say is they are just so cute.

I bought the frog fabric from anther sewing mama.  Then I fancied up the green with freezer paper stenciling.
The pattern is design 30, Drums hooded raglan-sleeve T-shirt, from Otto 4/08.  Its been one of our favorites for a while now.  He is a big fan of hoodies and I feel like the style allows me to use prints without making shirts that look like pj tops.
Here's a back short.  I stenciled a tree frog on the back for fun.  Usually I use fabric paint but this time I bought neon green paint only to discover that it had glitter in it.  Little note to the people at tulip.  If you want to put glitter in paint I'm OK with it but my son is not so please put that information on the label. So I ended up using regular paint and textile medium.  Not sure if I'll do this again but it worked well and seems to be holding up.
One last shot. Isn't he a cutie.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Ruffles

This is my second Little Blue Boo ruffle skirt.  Seriously ladies is free and I think you should try it.  The only change I made this time was to use just leave the skirt part as rectangles instead of cutting the curve.  Personally, I can't tell the difference so I will be omitting that step in the future. 
I made this one out of an old navy jersey knit top sheet that just happened to match this fairy shirt that I fell in love with at Crazy 8s earlier this year.
Hope you like it.  Emily sure does.  If you want to see the first one its right here.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Not Listening

My group of friends contains a lot of little girls. Beca is the oldest and much of her stuff gets handed down to Emily then back to her mom to decide what to hang on to for Beca's little sister and what to hand on to the rest. Since I sew a wardrobe for Emily every season and she buys a lot for Beca between the two of us there is quite a lot of clothing.  We also both dislike doing laundry and having to do it just so our kids won't be naked.  Lately this has been even more fun for me though bc some of the things I made for Beca have started turning back up at my home. Thus far the one I was most excited to see is the not listening dress.

Its made of David and Goliath fabric that says "not listening" all over it.  How true way to much of the time for Emily.  I'm not sure where I bought the original fabric but you can buy it from natural fabrics
I made this little dress before I got my good machine so there was no way I was even going to attempt buttonholes on knit fabric.  I actually never made a good buttonhole on my old machine but that's another story.  Beca's mama wanted something that could be a dress in the summer but a jumper in the winter so we decided on the knit sundress from Otto 3/07 even though it has a bad rep when it comes to fit.  In short it runs short and wide but since it looks so easy lots of beginners try it and become frusterated.
Its been a few years so I don't remember the exact size I started with but I can tell you what I did.  I measured the pieces and picked on that had about 2 in of ease after taking Beca's chest measurement.  Then I made the armholes about an in deeper and added a few inches to the boddice.  I didn't add the length till after I made a muslin but now days I would just go right ahead and add them.  I also added a good but of length to the skirt.  To do this measure your little model from the shoulder to wherever you want the dress to come then measure the pattern pieces and add as much length as you need.  With this pattern it will likely be a lot of length.  Remember if you add too much you can always hem the dress shorter and if you don't quite add enough you can add a ruffle so don't stress over this just do your best.  We all know measuring a small child is not an exact art especially  if it is a ticklish small child.

Hope you like it. Getting my own work back as hand me downs is interesting. Some pieces really just serve to show me how far I've come but this one has happily made its way into Emily's wardrobe and will likely hang out for a while.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Super Skinny Pants

Elijah runs tall and skinny. He always has so I'm pretty used to pants that stay up being a challenge. I've actually been interested in finding a TNT pants pattern for him for a bit now without much success. I liked the Oliver and S Sandbox Pants when he was younger but he outgrew the pattern last year. I seem to try about one or two times per season so at this rate I may be looking for a while.

These are attempt one for this season. The Paperback Writer pants from Ottobre 6/2010. They went together well and I was thrilled to get the fly in as well as lots of nice top stitching. I sort of had a nagging feeling that they were too small the whole time though. I made a 134 width with 140 length based on his hip (his hips but him in a larger size then his waist)  and inseam measurements and they fit but just barely. I think I'm just so used to buying for length that it didn't dawn of me that supper skinny pants made to fit his measurements would fit like super skinny pants.
I do like these but I don't think I will make them again. The rise is pretty low so he pulls at them a lot causing the pockets to stick out and sometimes showing off his goods just a little more then his Mommy would like.
He insists on sticking his bottom out every time I ask to take a picture of the back of anything. Gotta love a 8 year old boy right?

Hopefully, I'll get to anther pants pattern or two before the end of the season. There are some interesting Ottobre ones left to try or I may put the Jalie one on my Christmas list. I'm the next one to get new pants around here though. That is after I get the Halloween costumes, an art smock, and a church dress made at least. I'm next for pants though and I may even throw some shirts in there somewhere. Ya'll get to see more of Emily's fall/winter wardrobe first here though. I'm pretty behind in my posting.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Monster Knee

Elijah has spent most of his summer growing like a weed. So most of his pants from last year are too short. Add to that one of the only pairs that still fits had a big whole in the knee. He didn't want a regular patch so I showed him the picture from this tutorial. I really thought he would think it was too babyish but apparently not. I guess eight is just a funny age.

He is never still so this was the best we could do model shot wise.
I didn't really follow the tutorial.  I just took the idea and ran with it.  I ended up doing all the sewing by hand while I watched TV.  It took a while but I like the results and really didn't feel like trying to wrestle the jeans into my machine.