Sunday, October 23, 2011

Almost Annie Dress

Last weeks Sew Weekly challenge was musicals. Could be Broadway or movie it just had to be a musical. Probably even High School Musical would have counted but I digress. Anyways, my plan was to skip it and get on with some of the projects that I have waiting to be completed but then Emily and I watched Annie.

I didn't even start on this dress until Saturday because I didn't have the right fabric and was waiting for the 15th so I could get 15% off at my local shop. Then it took the better part of a week for me to finish. To be clear its not that it was particularly hard I just had a particularly busy week. It also called for a good bit of handwork which I enjoy doing but takes a while just the same.
The pattern is the pdf version of the Oliver and S Sandbox dress. I choose it because I wanted a dress that Emily would  identify as an Annie dress but that did not look like she was wearing a Halloween costume. I think this one fit the bill well. I switched out the short sleeve with a 3/4 length otto sleeve. Size wise I made a 3 with the length of a 4 but truth be told should have added more length. She is just all legs these days. I also added one more button in the back to add a bit of coverage for the days she sneaks out without tights.  I adore the the pattern though and am sure there will be more to come.  It just looks like a little girl dress to me and not a tiny tweeny bopper dress.
The fabric is a nice deep red corduroy accented with white broad clothe and piping. The buttons down the back are just cheap plastic ones.
Hope you like it. She is pleased despite looking exhausted in some of the pictures. After waiting all week for me to finish she saw that it was done right after we got back from the fair yesterday and insisted on changing. She also wore it to church today so I'd say its going to be a favorite.

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  1. I love that this was inspired by the movie "Annie". She does look like a little girl in it, it's lovely on her :)