Friday, October 21, 2011

Hearts and Dots

Its funny in a way.  As whiny as I was about all the detail work I had to do on the last skirt I added extra to this one.  This was the kind I enjoy more though.  I just kept deciding that it needed a little more ribbon here and there.  So this actually ended up taking me a while.  I think it was worth the effort though.  Perhaps I should have called this post "the worth the effort skirt."
I also think this style is more appropriate for her at this age.  The only real change I made was leaving off the draw string.  She prefers elastic waists and I certainly didn't want to try to keep one tied.
The brown with pink dots fabric was given to me by a friend who was downsizing.  Stay tuned there is more of that to come this season.  The pink with brown dots is from the quilting cotton wall at Joanns.  I also used pink ribbon, brown ric-rac, and pink ric-rac.   Oh and I nearly forgot the pattern is design 19 from otto 1/2009.  I bought it as a back issue because I simply had to make this skirt.  Thankfully, it has lots of other cute designs in it as well.
My favorite part of this outfit has to be the little heart pockets. 

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  1. Such a charmingly adorable skirt on your very cute model!