Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Costume or well Hat

Usually I don't bother to dress up for Halloween. Its not that I don't like the idea of say a gorgeous steam punk or period costume. I just rarely feel like investing the money and effort into creating one for myself when I would have no wear special to wear it. Forgive me but I hand out candy in my scull pj pants and big over sized sweat shirt. Sorry neighbors like they say in Pinkalicious, "You get what you get and you don't get upset." Back to the point now. This year I saw the most adorable little hat tutorials on the Project Run and Play site and just had to give on a go. After reading her post more closely I realized that they were intended for children and the adult had only modeled them bc that was easier the chasing down a little girl at that particular moment, but I ran with it just the same.
So here you have it.  My cute little tie on witches hat.  Made almost entirely with a glue gun.  Boy on boy had I forgotten how fast a good glue gun project can be.  The only sewing I had to do was for the spiders.  They are these weird gummy things and they will not stick to hot glue or permanent double stick tape.   I think its pretty cute.  I wore it to trick or treat at my husbands office for a while but it kept getting stuck in the cobweb so I took it off.  Perhaps I'll wear it with my super cute pjs on Monday night.
What do you think?  You totally still have time to make your very own.  Maybe I'll be a pumpkin next year.  That one would be less likely to get stuck in things.  On the other hand perhaps next year will be the year I make a big fancy costume.    I'm sure the Sew Weekly ladies would appreciate that even if I didn't have a big party to attend.

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