Monday, October 10, 2011

Not Listening

My group of friends contains a lot of little girls. Beca is the oldest and much of her stuff gets handed down to Emily then back to her mom to decide what to hang on to for Beca's little sister and what to hand on to the rest. Since I sew a wardrobe for Emily every season and she buys a lot for Beca between the two of us there is quite a lot of clothing.  We also both dislike doing laundry and having to do it just so our kids won't be naked.  Lately this has been even more fun for me though bc some of the things I made for Beca have started turning back up at my home. Thus far the one I was most excited to see is the not listening dress.

Its made of David and Goliath fabric that says "not listening" all over it.  How true way to much of the time for Emily.  I'm not sure where I bought the original fabric but you can buy it from natural fabrics
I made this little dress before I got my good machine so there was no way I was even going to attempt buttonholes on knit fabric.  I actually never made a good buttonhole on my old machine but that's another story.  Beca's mama wanted something that could be a dress in the summer but a jumper in the winter so we decided on the knit sundress from Otto 3/07 even though it has a bad rep when it comes to fit.  In short it runs short and wide but since it looks so easy lots of beginners try it and become frusterated.
Its been a few years so I don't remember the exact size I started with but I can tell you what I did.  I measured the pieces and picked on that had about 2 in of ease after taking Beca's chest measurement.  Then I made the armholes about an in deeper and added a few inches to the boddice.  I didn't add the length till after I made a muslin but now days I would just go right ahead and add them.  I also added a good but of length to the skirt.  To do this measure your little model from the shoulder to wherever you want the dress to come then measure the pattern pieces and add as much length as you need.  With this pattern it will likely be a lot of length.  Remember if you add too much you can always hem the dress shorter and if you don't quite add enough you can add a ruffle so don't stress over this just do your best.  We all know measuring a small child is not an exact art especially  if it is a ticklish small child.

Hope you like it. Getting my own work back as hand me downs is interesting. Some pieces really just serve to show me how far I've come but this one has happily made its way into Emily's wardrobe and will likely hang out for a while.

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