Monday, October 24, 2011

PB and J nightie

I promise I will be doing some more sewing for myself in short order. I've got one skirt cut and three more things down stairs today to get started during nap time. Well hopefully get started if I get all my laundry folded first. Ahh the glamorous life I lead. Back to the point. This weeks Sew Weekly challenge was sleepwear. Part of me wanted to break out my Kwik Sew nightie pattern but instead I decided to finish this nightie that I started months ago for Emily. What happened was I started it then got out her fall/winter clothes and realized she had plenty already. This one was too cute to leave half finished for all time though.

This is actually made from the same pattern and in the same size as the first garment I showed on this blog.  It fits a bit better this year as do the two I made last year.  These are also a great way to do just a little bit of smocking.  I can usually knock these out in a few days bc only the front gets smocked.
Its made out of some adorable peanut butter and jelly print flannel and the smocking is done in purple.  I think you'll have to take my word for it with the smocking though as it doesn't really show up.  It wasn't a special pattern anyways just a bunch of basic stitches worked together.  I guess that's really all smocking ever is though.  I promise you its not hard and goes so much faster then things like cross stitching.

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