Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Super Skinny Pants

Elijah runs tall and skinny. He always has so I'm pretty used to pants that stay up being a challenge. I've actually been interested in finding a TNT pants pattern for him for a bit now without much success. I liked the Oliver and S Sandbox Pants when he was younger but he outgrew the pattern last year. I seem to try about one or two times per season so at this rate I may be looking for a while.

These are attempt one for this season. The Paperback Writer pants from Ottobre 6/2010. They went together well and I was thrilled to get the fly in as well as lots of nice top stitching. I sort of had a nagging feeling that they were too small the whole time though. I made a 134 width with 140 length based on his hip (his hips but him in a larger size then his waist)  and inseam measurements and they fit but just barely. I think I'm just so used to buying for length that it didn't dawn of me that supper skinny pants made to fit his measurements would fit like super skinny pants.
I do like these but I don't think I will make them again. The rise is pretty low so he pulls at them a lot causing the pockets to stick out and sometimes showing off his goods just a little more then his Mommy would like.
He insists on sticking his bottom out every time I ask to take a picture of the back of anything. Gotta love a 8 year old boy right?

Hopefully, I'll get to anther pants pattern or two before the end of the season. There are some interesting Ottobre ones left to try or I may put the Jalie one on my Christmas list. I'm the next one to get new pants around here though. That is after I get the Halloween costumes, an art smock, and a church dress made at least. I'm next for pants though and I may even throw some shirts in there somewhere. Ya'll get to see more of Emily's fall/winter wardrobe first here though. I'm pretty behind in my posting.

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  1. I wonder if I should try this for Ahnalin. She wants jeans (GAH!) but we can not find any to fit her. She has always preferred dresses or skirts with leggings or bloomers. But this year, she asked for jeans and we are really not succeeding at finding them. She fit a size 4 slim skinny at Gymboree but needs the 7 length. Not good. Oh well, I need to make her some more leggings to tide her over.