Thursday, October 20, 2011

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Honestly, I nearly called this post the "not worth the hassle skirt". Its not that I don't think its a cute skirt because I do but it was a good bit of work for a little fluffy skirt. You see this think has front pockets, shaped back pockets, a real fly, and a real waist band. It is design 18 the Indigo denim skirt from Ottobre 1/2011. I did not do the double ruffle though because my I did not have enough fabric.

I also had to add adjustable elastic to the waist since Emily is still so skinny.
The fabric is from Joanns last season.  It has birds, hearts, and peace signs all over it.  Its their slightly heavier weight juvanile fabric.
I do like it and I'm sure she will wear it this winter but I doubt I will make it again any time soon. Its just too close to design 15 which I can whip up start to finish in about an hour. Maybe when she is big enough to appreciat all the extra detail work but not until then.

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