Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birthday Monkey

Did you guess that Emily had turned 4? She sure did on October 16th. I've been referring to her as a 4yo instead of a 3yo lately but hadn't gotten the Birthday dress post finished.

This dress is the cover dress from Otto 6/06.  I saw it when I first discovered the Ottobre site and had to have it for this dress alone.  Though there are some other things in it that I really like as well.  Emily seems to agree.  When I was shower her options for her Birthday dress she squealed when she saw this one.  Now this may come as a shock to some of you but she also choose the lovely monkey cupcake fabric.

I wanted to share a few pictures of the process as well.  This dress looks a little intimidating but if you keep track of the pieces its really quite easy.
I modified the straps to button.  All I really did was cut them a bit longer and secure them into the back bodice.

Here is a picture of the first ruffle being gathered to the bodice.  I like to pin in place before pulling in the gathers with the bobbin thread.  I just think its easier to distribute things this way.

Once the ruffle is sewn on it gets sandwiched between the bodice and the next dress piece.

Here you can see it sticking out between the layers.

The next layer is put together the same way.  Here's the finished product minus the little girl and before the monkey buttons.  I got the monkey buttons once the dress was finished.  I almost didn't get them bc I worried they were a little over the top.  Then I had to laugh at myself bc really this dress is so far gone buttons can't make much of a difference.

She is wearing it with matching  double ruffle pants from the book Little Girls Big Style.

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