Thursday, November 17, 2011

a brown skirt

A few months ago I got it in my head that I desperately needed a brown corduroy skirt. In that how on earth have I survived this long without one sort of way. I mean really how does anyone survive without one? Does that ever happen to you? I bought two yards of baby whale cord and dug through my pile of patterns.

There were a few contenders but ultimately I decided on  Simplicity 2512 view D.  I actually bought it initially with view A in mind but found myself drawn to this version.  The reviews were good though I'm glad I read them because this pattern is high wasted and short which is a problem since I am also high waisted and tall.  As in 5 feet 9 and a half inches tall most of which is legs.  I slashed this pattern and added the oh so not magical but totally the width of my ruler 3inches.  I'm glad I did.  It would have been indecent on my without. 
I think I like the fit though the curved waistband nippes in a lot.  I made a 16 and pre waistband thought I could have dropped a size.  Post waistband I'm glad I didn't or it wouldn't have fit.  If I make it again I will probably slash and spread just a bit so it sits a little lower. 
Stupid Lesson Learned:  You only need one left front and one right front for this skirt so be smarter then me and unfold your fabric before you cut. 
I had planed to use cord for the bias binding but thanks to my cutting mix up I did not have enough.  I'm glad I didn't though.  I used this lovely light brown quilters cotton that has line drawings of old fashion ladies in profile all over it.  I only had a yard and Emily was not a fan so this became I nice little detail.  Makes me feel a touch anthroie.

Hope you like.  I've worn it 3 times now and am pretty sure I do.  It  looks better my shirt tucked in so I'm adjusting to that idea.  The other thing I want to point out even though it is stating the obvious is that this is not an aline skirt or even a straight skirt.  This think is widest at the hips and nips in towards the waist and knees.  Its a neat style but I'm not sure I realized that till I made it so I'll give you the benefit of my experience.


  1. I like the contrast binding -- and I think it looks good on you. The layered front is a lot more interesting than just a plain front skirt. As a matter of fact, I wasn't impressed with this pattern when I saw the pattern envelope, but I definitely like yours.

  2. great are super
    aunt janet