Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bun Bun

This is the last Halloween post. Don't worry it was done well before just like Elijah's costume I'm just behind in my posting. I think Emily is so cute that she is worth the wait though. I thought she would pick a princess this year but she was having such a hard time deciding what she wanted to be that I took her to JoAnns to look at the books. She loves the books. After much deliberation she decided to be a bunny. Not just any bunny but her beloved stuffed bunny Bun Bun. 

Amusingly there was not a bunny pattern.  She saw Simplicity 2068 and decided the lamb was close enough.  Maybe with a little encouragement from her mama and big brother both of whom were ready to pick out fabric.
The pattern sizing was not great.  I ended up doing the width of a 2 and length of a 4 for the top and the width of a 1 with the crotch curve of a 2 and the length of a 4 for the legs.  Not too bad but considering that the pattern is a "Learn to Sew" pattern not great either.    
I decided not to bother with the Simplicity hat.  Instead I used the bear hat from Little Things To Sew and made the ears longer.  This went together really well.  It is a little big but super cute.  I decided to make a medium and probably could have gotten by with a small.
Hope you like.  Emily was pleased and I'm really glad she decided to be something little and cute this year.  Don't get me wrong I like princesses but there's just something way too sweet about dressing up like your favorite stuffed animal.


  1. I love her bunny costume!! I made India a bunny costume when she was a year old but Ahnalin never got to wear it. Oh so snuggly cute!!!

  2. DArling costume and love the little tail detail!

  3. Sooo cute. Love her cute glasses peeking through those long fuzzy ears.