Saturday, November 19, 2011

pins times 2

Its taken me forever to get around to doing this little post.  The top picture if for the sewingmama's I think September challenge.  It is a sewing machine pincushion.  I wasn't sure about it when I made it but now that I've had it for a bit I'm loving it.  Usually, I end up just throwing pins on my table as I take them out of things so this has made my sewing room a much safer place for the barefooted sewer and child.  I made it from this tutorial.
This was my go at the October challenge. It was to either make a stuffy or digitize a child's artwork. I didn't really want to do either of these things but since I had done them all I decided to at least do something that was in the spirit of the challenge. I used a lilblueboo tutorial to transfer a scanned image of a drawing Emily did to a shirt. I wasn't thrilled with the results though so I'm glad its a shirt we mostly wear under things. I think my laser printer was just one of the ones that didn't work well with this technique.  Oh well I've got another one pinned that I want to try one day.  I wish someone made iron on paper to use with laser printers.

PS I know its November I'll get the post for that challenge up tonight or tomorrow.  I ended up changing enough in the tutorial I used that I wrote my own so the post will take a bit.

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