Saturday, November 5, 2011

pretty art smock

I signed Emily up for an art class in our towns art center.  The only thing that had me worried was that they were asked to bring an art smock or old tee shirt to cover their clothes.  Now we are talking about a child who hates to cover her dresses.  She started refusing to wear bibs at about a year old and still fights me on coats regularly.  I knew good and well this little bugger was not going to wear her brothers old blue and red Kindergarten smock or one of my race tee shirts.  Then I remembered there was a cute little smock in Little Things to Sew.  She made hers with quilters cotton but I decided to use laminated cotton.  I made a medium but shortened the length a bit because I only bought a yard of the fabric.  I also left off the pockets because I didn't think she needed them.
She still wants to take it off as soon as the art project is done but at least we didn't get paint all over our clothes.  Her class is over for now and she has moved on to swimming but I'm sure we will do more in the spring and the smock well get broken back out.

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