Sunday, November 20, 2011

Smurf Smurf Smurf dress

This little dress has been in my mind for a bit now.  I bought the Smurf tee at Five Below this summer before we went to see the movie.  I had planned to make a summer dress to wear to the movie but that just didn't happen.  It sat on my shelf until I noticed that this month pattern review was having a refashioning contest.  Now there are ladies taking apart lined jackets and such for that so I'm not expecting victory but it did end up being the push I needed to get going on a Smurf dress.
This month is also use a tutorial month on sewing mamas.  I liked the idea from this tutorial but ended up changing a bunch of things to get the look I wanted so I decided to make my own tutorial for how I got my version.  Like the original I started with the Olivia dress pattern.  I also had 3 black shirts and a little big of light blue cotton lycra.
I used the front pattern piece to mark where I wanted to make the bustle for the back of the dress. 

Then I cut individual pattern pieces for the bottom flounce and the other three flounces.
Each piece had to be slashed, spread, and then cut on the fold so having individual pieces made things much easier.

The bottom flouce was attatched to the regular back piece.  If I had had more fabric I probably would have just made a really long flouce but I did not have enough for that.
Then all the  bustle pieces are lined up and sewn together at the top.  I also sewed them down each side to make assembly easier.  If you want to serge the bottoms this is the time to do that for all but the bottom piece.  That one should be hemmed with the rest of the skirt in case your seam allowances were a little off like mine were.

Then I sewed the bustle to the upper back.
I used one of the shirt sleeves for the black upper sleeve and the regular dress sleeve for the lower blue sleeve.  For the black one I just cut it out of the shirt and cut the hem of the bottom.  I shirred the bottom of each sleeve then sewed them together before putting them into the dress.

Other then that I just put it together the regular way.  I haven't given you a great directions but this really is one of those things that is easier to do then it looks or sounds.  Just make sure you have an individual pattern piece for each bustle piece and you should be just fine. 

Here are model shots of the back and front.  It was raining the day she wore it so we had to stay indoors.  She likes the dress though and enjoys shaking the ruffles.  You might also recognize the leggings.  They were posted here and refashioned from knee socks and a pair of bike shorts.

Lesson Learned: If a tee shirt does not have side seams you can cut off the neck and sleeves then fold it in half to get a larger pattern piece to fit. This just means the front and back piece can't come from the same shirt.