Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I promise I have been sewing lately. I'm got to get some pictures taken. In the mean time though I thought you might enjoy these. I mean who doesn't love some wild and crazy tights. For some reason Emily gets worked up if she doesn't think her plain tights match her outfit but is fine with a wild print that doesn't come close. I've had more trouble finding cool wild tights this year for some reason though.

Then I had a major well Duh moment when I read this post. She was using adult knee socks and tights with wholes in the knee but it worked pretty well with capri length leggies. The only real change I made was that I just cut the leggies a little above the knee and sewed the socks on so the didn't have to stretch so much. This makes it easier for Emily to pull them back up. I also discovered that if you want footless tights you can just cut the foot off right above the heal and sew them on upside down. These are all Target socks and they are getting a bit pilly but they are holding up well so far. Talk about a great instant gratification project. I made all of these in abot 15 minutes.

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