Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12 for 12

Well at least 12 for 12 in my book. This year sewing mamas did monthly challenges and this is my entry for challenge number 12. I really liked the monthly challenge format. It makes things feel a bit more manageable and got me to try a good number of things I might not have otherwise done. This month was upcycling and while there was nothing overly hard about what I did its also something I had not done before.

I traced or more precisely cut around a pair of pj pants to make another pair.  I know this isn't always upcycling but I used a pair of Nick and Nora jamies that were just too short for me to make a pair for Emily.  That's what I get for not trying on something at Target but I digress.
Yes you are seeing this correctly Emily is in pants. Maybe this means a cute pair of otto sailor pants is in her future.   She still likes to sleep in nighties but a few weeks ago I bought her a pair of fleece pj pants and she fell in love with them so of course she needed more.  Either that or I was going to have to do laundry way more often then I would like to.
As you can see they are just a bit long but the way my kids grow I'm good with that.  I'd like to get at least a full winter out of these if not two.  Two would be even better.  I'm not sure if I will do the sewing mama's challenges next year or not.  It depends on what they are among other things but I'm glad to have done them all this year.  After all this means I met at least one of my sewing goals for 2011.

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