Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Tree Skirt

Does this ever happen to you? You see a pin on pinterest and hope its a tutorial? Then you click on it and realize no its a etsy listing. Then you think yeah but I could totally make that and I'm just not willing to spend so much on something I can make myself. Then you get going on the project and realize why the item was priced as it was and begin to think it would have been totally worth the money.

That's what happened to me here. Now I want to be clear that I do not think most things on etsy are overpriced considering the effort they take its just that I sew and have trouble buying things that I would enjoy making myself.  Despite the fact that this lady does beautiful work.

I really only used the pin for inspiration anyways.  Mine is a full circle skirt made of fleece.  I actually cut the inner hole a bit to big so I had to gather it in a bit.  Then I sewed lace over the gathering to help hold it in place and add a bit of detail.
My flowers are also fleece.  I made them using the largest two circles from my Creative Memories cutting system.  The circles are sewn together then clustered all around the skirt.  I learned how to do this from a tutorial a year or two ago but now I can't for the life of me remember where it was.
Here's an action shot.  I'm really pleased whit how this thing turned out but it took both a lot of fabric and a lot of time so I won't be doing another any time soon.  It wasn't hard just time consuming.


  1. This is so pretty.. And I so understand the 'I dont want to buy a handmade item,that I can make and enjoy making myself.' That's the fun of sewing..
    Love your tree skirt.

  2. Oh - I LOVE the gathering on the tree edge! It's a lovely skirt!