Thursday, December 1, 2011


I've been really into feminine blouses this season. I'm not entirely sure why. I think I just like them as a way to make skinny jeans and boots look a bit more adult. I bought two from Old Navy that I love before I began looking for a pattern. After all JoAnns does not carry a lot of garment fabric that I like but they always have translucent prints that would be perfect for this type of blouse. I didn't find a big 3 pattern that was quite what I wanted though.

Then I came across the Colette Jasmine pattern.  Now if you remember my Easter dress you may know that while I find Colette patterns lovely I do not posess a body that fits her size chart well.  This is OK but it tends to give me pause when considering buying an expensive pattern.  This one was near perfect though so I took a chance.  OK took a chance and then to make the flat rate shipping worth while ordered the Ginger skirt as well.  I haven't even done a muslin of it yet though.  Soon I hope.
I know these aren't the best pictures.  We are still getting used to all the features on our new camera so my dear sweet best husband in the world took these at about 11 a few nights ago while I played back seat photographer.  I think you can see the shirt pretty well though.  I love that its bias cut so it clings to what curves I have nicely.  I did a 10 in the top tapering to a 12 for the hips.  I probably could have just done a 10 but I knew I would want to wear it untucked most of the time and didn't want it to be tight over my tum or tush.  It turns out there is actually a bit of extra room there but that's fine by me.
For the most part it was easy to sew.  I messed up the collar a little bit bc I used the interfaced piece for the outer collar and had to take the interfacing out but its still in the seams so it might lay just a bit funny.  I also lengthened the sleeves to about bracelet length.  It gets cool here in the winter and I didn't want to need a jacket in my house.  The other slight change I made was sewing the facings down but stitching in the ditch on the shoulder seams and the back seam.  This keeps them turned under nicely and the print is busy enough that you cannot see the stitching.  I would not do this for a solid though.
Speaking of the print if you have a keen eye and read Sew Weekly you may recognize it. See I'm the crazy person who snatched up the Second Rate Sorbetto fabric. I'm not sure why I bought it. Its not a color I usually go for and I certainly had no plan in mind but for some reason I simply had to have it. Now I glad I did. I hope to make some more of these. Yes its a bit distinctive but who really cares that much. I also hope to make a black Ginger to go with it.


  1. Your blouse looks great! I purchased the same 2 patterns (and the book) this weekend and am looking forward to sewing them up.

  2. I really like this, especially. With the socks!

  3. this is a beautiful blouse and the color is exceptional
    on you...................aunt janet