Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kid PJs

Don't they look so cute and sweet.  You should have seen some of the out takes it took to get this one.  The truth is I didn't start making Christmas pjs until a few years ago when I realized that scrap-booking the Christmas morning pictures would be much easier if everyone had on coordinating outfits that also matched all the pretty Christmas paper and background available.  I've got to say though this year was particularly exciting bc I bought Grinch fabrics for the kids.
Elijah's top was made using the Simple Simon tutorial.  I was really exited to find this one after the front of the Easter pj's nearly brought me to tears.  For the most part I liked it though I think if I use it again say this spring I will base it on a shirt pattern rather then cutting up a tee.  I also think if I use it again say next November I would consider making the body part of the top fully lined instead of using the bias binding.  The only change I made this time was adding a bit of a facing to the front so that the snaps would be more secure.
Emily's nightie was made from the night gown pattern in Otto 6/2011. The pattern is for knit fabrics so I made the top part out of some what with pink polk-a-dot knit.  The bottom part is from the the Cindy Lou Whoo woven fabric I just added a little extra width.  I also made the whole thing in a 104 with no seam allowances.  I really love this pattern but it was awful to trace.  I do a lot of ottos and they are all bad but this one was so bad I had to draw over the lines with marker just to be able to see them.  I'm not trying to put you off from making it just warning you that the tracing will not be pleasant.
Elijah's pants were based on the boy pj shorts from the same issue.  I promise they were long enough a month ago when I made them but the bugger just keeps getting taller.
Emily's pants are the leggings from Otto 6/2010. 
I hope you all had a great Christmas. 


  1. How cute those pjs are and I love the gown! You did a great job. I love your choice of fabrics too, and what cute kiddos! Happy New Year!


  2. These are adorable .. And both kids are cute as can be.. Happy sewing