Saturday, December 24, 2011

Neil's New PJs

Did you ever wonder what a fully grown man would look like in a blanket sleeper? Well here you have it. This is my husband Neil in his new Christmas PJs. He is thrilled and he works from home so I have a feeling I'll be seeing quite a lot of these this winter.

I was not planning on making grown up Christmas pjs this year until I was looking through the McCall's book at a pattern sale and stumbled upon M6251 the same day that fleece was on a pretty good sale.  You see I know my man well and the way to his heart is through soft fuzzy nonbinding clothing.  I thought about making it as a gift but I wanted to be able to try it on him during the process plus it was going to be hard to hide 5 yards of fleece anywhere in the house.
I'm pretty pleased with the results.  I did not follow the zipper directions well and you can tell if you look closely but I didn't have it in me to take it out and fix it considering that these will NEVER be worn out of the house.  If I make him another pair I will add a bit to the rise and since this in a unisex pattern he is in the largest size so that is worth noting if your going to make a giant fleece suit for yourself or your husband.
Hope this makes you smile.  It actually is a good pattern and he is quite pleased.  I believe he is wearing them as I type.  I'll try to get the kids pjs posted tomorrow.  None for me though.  I ended up buying mine at Old Navy.  Perhaps now that I know how to trace pants I'll make myself some next year.


  1. NEIL! IN A SLEEPER! That was seriously the best Christmas present you could have given me and Kirk!!!!
    Quick question, though... Aren't you worried about the static electricity when he gets in the microfleece sheets? ARGH... the very thought is making me claustrophobic! Your bed is saying "NOM, NOM, NOM" and Neil is wrapped up like a tasty treat :)

  2. He looks like a giant child. I love it! This certainly put a smile on our faces. Merry Christmas!