Friday, December 16, 2011


After making my snapfish photo books this year I started looking at the photo ornaments. I usually buy one for us plus a few for gifts but this year I just couldn't bring myself to pay $20 plus shipping for something with a tiny little blurry picture of my kid on the front. I'm not sure if they had gone up in price this year of if it was just all the cool ideas I'd seen on pinterest lately but I decided to make my own instead.

I decided to do something similar to this.  I didn't do the scrap book paper on the back though I just panted mine and wrote the info on the back with a silver pen.  I also wanted mine to look a little dreamy so I put a very thin coat of silver pant over the final coat of modge podge. 

I edited my pictures and made them black and white then printed them out using our laser printer.  I cut them the same size as the wood hearts but if I do this again next year I will cut them a bit smaller. 

Hope you like.  Especially if your my Aunt Janet since one is on its way to you as we speak.  These were fun to make and I will probably make them again.  Though this years pictures may be hard to top.  I really lucked out on these and managed to take most of them while Elijah and Emily were not paying attention to me.  I've just not been so into the smile right at the camera pictures lately.

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