Wednesday, December 14, 2011

purple princess

Emily and I had tickets to Princesses on Ice this past Saturday.  I had actually known this for months but somehow it got to last Thursday when we saw a little girl at the mall in a Rapunzel dress that I gave any thought to what she would wear.  Now I understand that a sane woman at this point would have said her old somewhat awful looking bc it was made from costume satin and has been worn to death one would be fine.  For that matter a sane person might also say she has plenty of clothes she can wear whatever but my friends I am not that person.  Instead I went to Joanns after I exercised Friday morning to buy the fabric to make her a new dress for Saturday night.
These pictures were taken at twilight so they are not the greatest but I still think you can see the dress pretty well.  This one was made using the Sweet Little Princess dress pattern that I tested and highly recommend.  Its also made of quilters cotton so it should wash and dry well.
Here she is showing you how well it twirls.  The skirt is a full circle skirt so it has great twirl power.  That is one of the things I really like about the pattern.  I also like that the designer includes a lot of different elements so that you can make many different princesses dresses using the same pattern.  Unfortunately, this is a 4-6 and while she has growing room the pattern does not come any bigger.  If it did I'd have several friends making birthday requests for their daughters.   The bodice looks more fitted then it usually would bc I shirred the back instead of using elastic casings to save time.
Hope you like it.  Emily sure does.  I do to though I do not enjoy rushing through projects.  I got this done in about 3 hours including cutting but I would have preferred to take my time.

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  1. Emily looks adorable. So proud she had fun with Mommy and got a beautiful new dress too... You may have had to rush through it...but just think of the long lasting memories this will have.. Happy sewing.