Wednesday, December 7, 2011


When the new Vogue patterns came out this fall I was immediately drawn to V1261. I was hoping that it would be similar to an anthro top I bought last year. This pattern is more of a tunic though. I should also disclose that its one of those tops that looks better in person then in does in pictures or at least I think it does.

I made it out of some lovely purple bamboo fabric that I got a really good deal on a while back.  I was not sure if I wanted to use it for a top or a dress but decided it was not quite think enough for the bottom part of a fitted dress. 
I think it looks a bit better belted but I'm not a huge fan of wearing a belt all day so we'll see.  It also looks better with a more supportive bra but I guess everything really does.
I was worried about fit because I was cutting a medium so when I cut the pieces on the fold I didn't take out the seam allowance and I used .5in allowances instead of 5/8.  Hindsight being what it is I think the fit would have been better if I hadn't made these changes.  I ended up having to take a good bit out of the sides to keep it from looking like a maternity top and the neck is a bit too wide.
I doubt that I will make this pattern again.  I'm sure I will wear it but on me its not really long enough to be a tunic.  I'm wearing it with jeans in all of these pictures because it just doesn't provide enough butt coverage for leggings.  I think I will have to try tracing my anthro top if I want another one.
I'm also using this for my sew weekly challenge this week.  Its purple week over at sew weekly.

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