Saturday, January 14, 2012

As Promised Beads and Bag

As promised here is a post about my first Sew Weekly challenge as a contributor.  This year there are well over 100 contributors so if you haven't wandered over there yet you totally should as there are a whole bunch of great posts.  I wasn't one of the 5 featured posts this week but I did get to be in a bigger box on the front page for a while yesterday which was pretty exciting.  I'm pretty sure I won't pull off doing every single challenge this year but I'm hoping to do as many as possible though some will be sewing for other family members.
Anyways enough blah blah blah this week was the first official challenge and it was a tough one for me.  We were asked to create something to go with an accessories.  Now those who know me well know that unless your willing to count my wedding rings I'm rarely wearing any accessories but I pulled together this set with not one but 4 (6 if you count the rings).   The idea actually started with the beaded necklace though.  I bought it more then a year ago to go with a dress that it did not work with the neckline of.  I turned out to not work with the neckline of anything else I tried making it perfect for this challenge.
I started by making an almost plane Colette Meringue Skirt.  I say almost plain because I used my super cool safety pin fabric for the hem facing.  I made a 12 all over in this pattern and am pretty pleased with the fit.  I probably could have gone to a 10 in the hips or maybe a 10 with a large waist adjustment but I played with the back darts a bit and I think it works.  A word of warning if your planning of making this one though.  Mark your front and back pieces.  You'd think that they would be easy to tell apart but they are actually quite similar.  I lost a good bit of sewing time trying to figure this out.  I imagine that I will make another one of these one day though.  I wore it for 3 days straight last week and received quite a few compliments.  It also goes with most of my wardrobe making it a great addition.
The shirt is a remake of my purple shirt.  I tried to like it really I did but I knew that it would just hang in my closet if I didn't do something.  I ended up taking the neck binding off and adding a front and back seam to slim it down a bit.  Then I used this pattern to adjust the side seams to be more fitted.  Now its a nice simple top that has a great neckline for this necklace and matches the purple beads.  It also matches my purple boots and bag.

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  1. welllllll who is that beautiful young woman all in purple.............nice bag beads boots and top....
    love a janet