Monday, January 9, 2012

Doll Clothes

If you haven't fallen down this particular rabbit whole yet let me save you the trouble and let you know that making doll clothes is a bit additctive. You see one of my friend's daughters got and American Girl Doll for Christmas and since I grew up with a sewing mama if feel that dolls need larger wardrobes. Plus these little clothes take almost no fabric and very little time. I bought two McCalls patterns and used two Liberty Jane patterns.

This outfit is made using the tee shirt and pants from M6006
This outfit is also from M6006
These leggings are from M6005 but the dress is the a Liberty Jane pattern.
This jumper came with my CarlaC aline pattern.
This is the night gown from a doll making book.  I really didn't care for the pattern though.
This top is the free Liberty Jane top.  The leggings are from M6005.  The tutu is just made up using scraps.  Its based on the one from Little Things to Sew though.  Honestly, I liked this top pattern a lot better then the other one.  If I make more long sleeve tops I will probably just make the sleeves on this one longer.
Then there is this outfit.  It was meant for the American Girl Doll as well but Emily saw it and thought it was for Bitty.  I just didn't have the heart to take it off of Bitty.  After all Bitty needs nice things too.
The jumper is from M6005 I just didn't do the bubble hem.  The blouse is from a Simplicity pattern that I can't seem to find right now.  I don't recommend collared blouses for dollies though.  The collar was a pain to sew and then it stuck up so badly I had to tack it down in the front.  Emily and Bitty don't seem to mind though.

There you have it. I really liked the Liberty Jane patterns and I'm sure I will buy more in the future. Not this year though. I had a great time making these clothes. It sounds a little crazy but I think I may start a hope chest for Emily's future American Girl Doll. In the mean time I'm sure that Bitty would like some more clothes and that Beca would not mind more for her doll either.

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  1. Super cute stuff! Ahnalin got her Molly for Christmas and I have made her jammies and a skirt and top set to match one of hers. I don't have many 18" doll patterns so I may have to give in a buy a few of those. Or not. I don't know. But yes, doll clothes are sooooo fun!