Thursday, January 19, 2012

I love the 90s

I mean seriously ladies cozy flannel shirts, long underwear instead of leggings, great music, and moshing what's not to love? Maybe its just that I went to high school in the early 90s but when I heard this was pick a decade week on Project Run and Play I just had to do the 90s. I mean don't get me wrong I love a 50s style party dress as much as the next girl but its winter and baby girl needed a nice new snuggly flannel dress.

I used McCall's 6156 to make the dress and long underwear.  The dress is a size 3 with the length of a 5 and shirred sleeves because Emily likes for her sleeves to stay up when she pushes them up.  Truth be told this is the type of top I would have loved back in the day.  Its plaid flannel but still purple with ruffles. 
The long underwear are upcycled from a pair of xxl fruit of the loom ones.  I used the legging pattern from the envelope but added the cuffs from the original bottoms to complete the look.
Here's a closeup of the front and a few more pictures.  I like that its more of a big girl dress then some of her stuff.  Without being inappropriate for someone her age.


  1. Miss Emily looks cute and cozy. I almost bought that pattern before the den of the year but Ahnalin picked a different one. I think yours turned out just darling.

    1. I like the one your dd picked as well. Emily loves too look at pattern books too. I may have to keep her out of the fabric stores this year to keep my resolution.