Friday, January 6, 2012

The Its Cold Tunic

Well at least is was cold outside for a few days this week. Every time we have a little cold snap I remember that I don't really have many sweat shirts. 

When I saw Simplicity 2054 this fall I had to have it right then.  Thankfully, I saw it while thumbing through a pattern book because they were on sale. I still had to have it though because of the cool elbow slits.  If you look really closely at the photo on the envelope you can see what you can see more clearly here and that is that the slits are not really centered over the elbow.  This is fine but if I had realized I would have shifted them closer to the side seam to position them a bit better.  I also added a bit of length to the upper arm.  I have long arms though.  I still think they're a fun detail though the do not help much in the keeping warm department.
This one is made out of wool faced fleece that I got from a coop planning to make Elijah a jacket.  When it arrived I decided it really wasn't winter jacket material but it washes and dries well and makes for a nice warm slightly nicer top.
I cut a 14 in this pattern because several reviewers felt like it ran a bit wide in the bottom. It works though I might would have liked a bit more room if I were making a dress. Its hard to be sure though because this was some think fabric. The real win for this one is that I LOVE how the shoulders and arms fit. I seriously think I will be using this one to help me make tees that fit better in the future.

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  1. I think you should use it in the future; it looks very flattering on you.