Friday, January 27, 2012

Loft Like Pants

For the first 2 Sew Weekly Challenges my post didn't go up until Saturday so this week when I started getting emails about comments on Sunday I thought for sure I had messed something up.  I hadn't though I was just towards the beginning.  Our challenge was to make something that was a close copy of a RTW item.  I decided to do a pair of pale pink skinny cords similar to these from Loft
I picked these because as much as I love the idea of pink pants Loft pants just don't fit me well.  I've tried all the fits in several sizes and they are all too tight, too loose in other places, or both.  Oh well, learning to make my own pants has made me so judgmental of RTW pants its hardly worth the effort of entering the dressing room these days.
These are made from the Jalie jeans pattern.  The same one my made my jeans from.  I had to take them up and awful lot this time though.  I actually took them in more after these pictures so I decided perhaps I should take my measurements again and it turns out I need to try tracing down 2 sizes.  I'll get to that at some point.  I but 17 yards of denim when it was on sale for $2.79 a yard so I certainly have plenty to work with.  These are made from a super soft stretch baby whale cord that I got for Christmas though.
Here are just a few more reasons I love making my own pants.
  • I can fit as I go.  My husband likes this too bc it means I spend a lot of time with my bottoms off sewing.
  • I can add enough length.  My short friends won't get this but its a big deal to be tall and have your skinny pants rumple around your ankles like they are supposed too.
  • Cute flowered pockets.  
  • Fun topstitching.  These have flowers down the outseam and I've got rainbow thread to make a fun 80s inspired pair in the future.
  • Finally, they simply are not that hard.  It seems like something that would be but trust me its much easier to make a pair of jeans that fits well then it is to find a pair that really truly fits well in all locations at a store.


  1. The pants look great! I'm inpsired by you saying that they really aren't that hard...maybe this year will be the year I tackle pants sewing for myself.

  2. Love your jeans - just saw them on PR! And I really love your shoes, too - what's the brand? I definitely need to get this jeans pattern; I have several well-loved Jalies already. Well done!

    1. Thanks! The shoes are Jon Fluevog. Here's the link.