Sunday, January 22, 2012

Not Quite Plain White Tunic

This is my second completed Sew Weekly Challenge of the year.  This weeks challenge was buttons or well more precisely button holes.  Now I'll be honest with you here and say that I could never make button holes with my old machine but with my Bernina they really are no big deal.  I welcomed the challenge just the same though bc I tend to shy away from collared shirt type things because they are time consuming. 

I've had this navy and white fabric for about 2 years now.  When I bought it I planned to make myself a more interesting version of a white dress shirt right away.  So I washed the fabric, put it on the shelf, and let it sit there for way too long.  I'm glad I did though bc I wouldn't have made a tunic if I hadn't waited until after I bought jeggings.  Yes you read that right I bought jeggings.  They are not as bad as your thinking I promise.  They are made out of real denim with 10% spandex with real top stitching and well a real think elastic waist at the top.  For me this means my tail needs to be fully covered and as it turns out I didn't realize that I don't exactly own a lot of tunics until after the jeggings arrived.

Enter View C of McCalls 6167.  These tucks gave me fits.  I'm used to doing double needle ones which are much easier  since I do them before I cut the fabric and my foot has a guide for spacing.  I spent about 2 hours one evening sewing and removing them until I got them nice and even.  At that point I could no longer bear the idea of them just fading into the shirt so I did a wave effect to make them fancier. 
Not sure what I thought was so funny here.  Maybe this was the moment I realized that I bought jeggings. 


  1. LOVE the wavy tucks! Definitely a winner!

  2. Stephanie, it is beautiful! I love the tucks and it looks great on you.