Sunday, January 15, 2012

Purple People Eater Skirt

This was the last pattern that I purchased in 2011.  I bought it on the evening of December 29th.  It is the Viviene skirt from Violet Field Threads.  I haven't been all that into boutique patterns lately because so many of the patterns are very similar but this one was love at first sight.  I tried to talk myself out of it for a while because I was sure I could figure it out on my own but ultimately I decided to treat myself since I would be going a full year without adding new patterns.
I'm sure you will be shocked to hear that Emily picked out this lovely purple fux fur leopard print fabric.  I had hoped that she would forget about it until a yard was not enough for anything but dolly clothes but alas she saw it on the shelf a few weeks ago and fell back in love.  The ruffles on this one are purple nylon chiffon.  I have a huge amount because I was planning to make her a purple petti during her very short lived purple faze.  I'm sure I'll get to using it all eventually.  It was nice to use for the ruffles here but it gathers up really rightly so it took more fabric then the pattern called for and the top ruffle only goes half way around.  Its lined with navy blue broad clothe.
So what did I think of the pattern?  Honestly, there are parts I like and parts I don't.  I have trouble judging sizing since Emily is hardly average but I will tell you her skirt is a size 4 with 3 inches added to the outer skirt and 2 added to the inner.  I didn't want quite so much ruffle hanging out of the bottom.  I do not love how the outer skirt is made and will just fully line it next time for a cleaner finish.  I also don't love how the waist band is done and choose to do it differently in order to achieve a much cleaner finish where the top seam is completely concealed in the casing.  I am glad I got the pattern though and have plans to use it at least two more times so I will get my moneys worth.

Just FYI I also put this in the Skip To My Lou linky party , and Oopsey Daisy.  What can I say linky parties are fun.  I've got some new posts coming but my little model has been sick this week.


  1. I appreciate your review; I wouldn't have the foggiest idea how to improve upon pattern instructions. I "pinned" this skirt awhile back, and I've been thinking of buying it. It doesn't seem to have as much of an A-line shape on your daughter as it does in the pattern photo.

    1. Its not really an a=line. More of a straight in the front gathered in the back. It fits well though and she has room to run and play in it so I'm pleased.

  2. I love the purple! How cute! Thanks so much for sharing at Oopsey Daisy!