Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm Tall

Actually, one of my gym friends is 6'1" and claims that I am not tall at all and should never need to buy tall or long pants. In some ways she is right but according to Serendipity Studios I'm a giant. Don't get me wrong I think her patterns are beautiful but I was shocked to discover they are drafted for someone who is 5'4".  Thankfully, I read the directions before cutting my fabric and realized I would need a muslin.  Otherwise the empire waist seam would have gone right across my chest. 

This dress is the Serendipity Studies Claire.  I bought the pattern and fabric last summer but never got around to actually sewing it up or well cutting it out.  Sometimes that's where I stall out in the creative process.  I guess another idea or two or three struck and I just didn't make it back.  This week was down under week at Sew Weekly  so I figured it was time to pull this project out and get going.  The idea was for those of us in the norther hemisphere to have to sew for the opposite season since our Aussie friends end up doing this quite a bit if they want to participate.  That said we are having such a mild winter I ended up wearing this outfit to dinner Friday night.
I like the final product.  I ended up adding 1in to the bodice in the strap area and another 2in to the bottom of the bodice.  This brings it closer to my natural waist which I prefer anyways.  I did not add length to the skirt.  Instead I cut it to be mid calf length and as you can see it comes just past my knee.  I don't think I'll be making this pattern again though.  I can get a similar effect adding a skirt to the bottom of a fitted tank top and I think I prefer the fit of that.

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  1. I love this on a tall gal, I need to remember your fitting tips for this one. Pretty work!