Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Daddy Daughter Dress

Hi, I decided to update this post to be my Project Run and Play audition.  I love to smock and started sewing for my daughter mostly because I wanted to make her pretty smocked dresses.  Needless to say everything she owns isn't smocked but I love sweet simple little girl dresses.  I also use patterns as at least a base for most of my sewing.  I think this could be a nice addition to cycle 4 because if you want to make something that I made I can tell you which pattern to use and how to change it up to achieve the effect that I did.
The dress pattern is Ottobre design 3/2008 design 18 “China grass” dress.  I made this one twirlier though by using a full width of fabric for both skirt pieces.  I also made the "tutu slip" from the same issue with added fluff (lots of added fluff).  They are both good basic patterns that could be jazzed up in a number of different ways.  The dress went together quickly and easily.  The only challenging part was the invisible zipper but I used the directions from the Colette Sewing Handbook and it was a breeze.
Here she is posing with Neil.  I didn't make his outfit but he was a good sport and wore the purple check shirt I got him to match her dress.
The collar directions came from an old and out of print sewing book.  They were OK at best and said to use just one width of fabric.  I really don't think that was enough so in the future I will use two.  I'll just cut one width in half so that there will be two shoulder seams and not a seam right in the middle. Hopefully,  this one won't turtleneck up in the wash.  I'll be avoiding washing it as long as possible but she is a 4 year old so eventually something is going to get the thing dirty.
Lastly, I finally got a good picture of one of these hair barrettes.  My mom made these for me when I was little and I made a bunch for Emily this fall.  I made them using this tutorial.
If you've made it this far I wanted to add that I also know how to make jeans and am happy working with lots of different fabrics.  If things were always just up to me my signature pieces would look like this or like the heirloom dress I made Emily last Easter but part of why I sew is to make things my kids really want so I also make a lot of things out of wild prints to please their ever changing tastes.


  1. It's beautiful! And it's purple, so I know your daughter loves it! My Mom made those hair barrettes for me, too!

  2. It's been kind of a crazy day and I'm just turning off the computer to go run some more errands but I saw you photo added to the linky party and wanted to quickly check it out. What a sweet post this is....and your daughter kills me! Those glasses are so stinking cute on her. I love the old fashioned feel of this look. It is so great. Thank you for throwing your hat into the ring.