Wednesday, March 14, 2012


When I posted my resolution update MySummerTouch asked if I had taken count and I said no and I don't want to.  I still don't know and I still don't totally want to but I here's a little update.  I have 88 somewhat standard size ie Vogue or smaller patterns in my stash.  That's not all though.  I have Ottos, sewing books, larger patterns, and pdfs.  I may count them all at some point but not today.  The real reason I stopped buying was bc I had way more then I need.  I'm still at 0 new for the year its getting a bit harder though.  I really love this new pattern and he 25th anniversary Sew Beautiful is out.  I sort of feel like that last one shouldn't count but I'm still trying to be strong as I'm sure there will be at least one pattern in it. 

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  1. I feel your pain concerning those patterns. I think we have very similar pattern NEEDS. :) I was just trawling Etsy for vintage fabrics because I'm considering buying the Olivia, and I think it looks like a midriff dress. And I've already put my order in at my local Mom 'n Pop thread shop for the 25th anniversary of Sew Beautiful. I'm not helping, am I...! Sorry!