Friday, March 9, 2012

Just a little blue dress

Hi everyone.  I'm going to continue being honest and tell you that I'm feeling a little blue as I write this post today.  Sort of fitting that its a little blue dress I guess.  I think its just a lot of silly little things coming together.  It was my Sew Weekly art week dress and I didn't even get to see it in one of the little featured spots.  Not a huge deal but since I've never been featured I like to catch my creations when they're a little bigger.  I also wasn't one of the top 6 Protect Run and Play auditions.  Again not a huge deal but it still made me a little sad to not be on the list.  Add to that my kids have been  making me a little crazy lately and I can't seem to find the tee shirts I need to finish a project and there you have it.  So all is well I'm just a little blue in what my not be as cute of a way as Emily's little dress.
This dress is made from the Oliver and S family Reunion Dress pattern.  It is a size 4 with 3 inches of added length.  I added a lot of ric-rac to enhance the details.  I also used my pin-tuck foot for the bottom tucks instead of following the directions.  The to tucks were a bit of a pain but I like the effect just the same.  For the most part I liked the pattern though I'm not in love with the may the neck line comes together.  If I make another one I will probably change that a bit though I'm not quite sure how yet. 
The challenge this week was to make something inspired by a work of art.  Now its not that I don't appreciate art I do but only in a "I think that's pretty/neat" sort of way.  I also knew I wanted to do something for Emily since its warming up around here and she needs a spring/summer wardrobe so I did a google image search for girls in art.  Not such a great idea if you were thinking of giving that one a go.  It did bring up a Normal Rockwell image that I've always liked though which lead to me going through a bunch of his work and noticing a trend.  He put most of the girls in blue not pink dresses.  Shocking I know. 

We went to a local museum to take pictures and I'm glad to report that the dress worked well for climbing, digging in the mud, eating a red Popsicle, trying to get butterflies to land on your finger, and yes even dinosaur riding. Needless to say it was filthy when we left. Thankfully it washed up just fine though.

Hope you like it.  I'm a big fan of Oliver + S patterns but don't have a lot at the moment because she is about a 4 in their sizing and that is where the size bracket break is.  Since this one ended at a size 4 I cut it instead of tracing it which felt down right scandalous.


  1. Love those pintucks! Looks like a fun trip! (I would've voted for you at PR&P!)

  2. Thanks so much. Hopefully you'll get the chance to vote for me one day.