Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vivienne My Way

The Violet Fields Vivienne Skirt pattern was my last pattern purchase of 2011.  I loved the style of this little skirt so much but was not in love with the way she put the pieces together.  There was nothing really wrong with her way I just prefer my way so I thought I'd show it to you.  You really will need the pattern to use this information though.  Which is how it should be.

The big change I made was to sew the front and back outer skirt pieces together without lining the front.
The fabric I used for this skirt was heavy enough that I didn't bother with a lining.  Curves can be hard to turn though so I made it easier by finishing the edge with my serger and then adding ric rac.
This made it easy to turn and top stitch the whole curve.  I used a double needle for fun but a regular one would be just fine.
I followed the directions for the underskirt and then sewed the two skirt together with the right side of the outer skirt facing the wrong side of the underskirt.  This allowed me to sandwich the elastic casing between the two skirts.

This seam makes to top of the elastic casing.
I just sewed another line of stitching across the back about an inch under the first and threaded the elastic between the two skirts.  This was also good for us bc I only had to pick out a few stitches when I realized Emily needed her elastic tighter.
Here are some modeling shots.  I made her a 5 because I wanted it to be long enough and was hoping to give her a little more run and play room in this one.  In some pictures this looks like an aline pattern but it is decidedly a straight skirt with elastic in the back.  Sizing up helped some but she still can't sit criss cross applesauce without showing her panties.

She's showing you that her favorite part of the whole skirt is the horse  fabric.  She doesn't ride but her friend M does.  I actually made M the same skirt in her size for her birthday I just have to get around to putting the applique on her shirt.  Good think for me her party isn't for another week.

I was going to make Emily a matching shirt but then we found this Gap Red shirt in the hand me down bin and she loved it.  More proof that I can't always predict what this kid will like.
Here's a close up of the skirt.
Here's what she thinks of doing modeling pictures.  Oh and just in case you couldn't tell from the other pictures Stride Rite finally had Hello Kitty Keds in her size and she is insisting on wearing mismatched socks.  I think this is pretty cute plus it means socks are still usable even when their siblings get lost.

I hope this was helpful. Its funny when I first started sewing I treated directions like they were the law now I don't even read them sometimes and at most treat them as strong suggestions. Don't get me wrong this attitude has totally bitten me in the butt before but its also allowed me to figure out what works best for me.


  1. I love Emily's strong sense of style!:) The skirt is sweet. I picked up some of the horse fabric a couple of weeks ago. I owned/showed horses up until I started having kids so I couldn't resist. No clue what I'm going make, though!

  2. What a fun skirt and such fun fabric!

  3. THis skirt is adorable.I must get the pattern and make for my grandaughters.. cute.cute. Happy sewing.

    1. Its a really fun one. You should hop over to Sewing in no mans land she's hosting a give away.