Friday, April 13, 2012

Dirty Dancing Shorts

These were sort of a combination of a Sew Weekly challenge and a wearable muslin. You may remember that after I made my pink cords (which had to be taken in quite a lot) I took my measurements and realized I needed to drop 2 sizes. Well I wanted to test that size out in the waist and hips so I pinned the legs up to cut off length and made these.
They are quite fitted but I like the fit. The rise is also a bit lower which will take some getting used to but is really just fine. I also used my jewel tone rainbow top stitching thread. I really like it as well. I'm guessing that's left over from being a kid in the 80s when it was all the rage.
This is city inspired week on Sew Weekly so these fit into that as the Lake Lure shorts because of course that is where Dirty Dancing was filmed. I guess that might be cheating a bit but I did need to test the pattern and I'm pretty sure I will wear these this summer.  My contribution for next week is a bit more fancy though and I promise to make anther dress soon.


  1. Cute idea...
    and I wish I could hold myself up ,like you did in the photos.hahahaha [I think I'm a little tooooo old for]
    Love your blog.